Filipina - American Love Story began in Cherry Blossoms Dating Site 10 years ago

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We got married last May 18, 2007 in Philippines

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Important Dates:
March 15, 2007 I joined blossoms
March 16, 2007 I sent him a smile
March 18, 2007 I received a response from him and we start to get to know each other
March 27, 2007 First Call in Mobile and first time to hear his voice ... and he sent bday gift to me April 30, 2007 Our first meet in person in Cebu City
May 18, 2007 Our Civil Wedding Day
May 29, 2007 My hubby's flight back home in States
August 22, 2007 Hubby filed the visa
March 20, 2008 We received the NOTICE OF ACTION 1 from USCIS
Nov. 5, 2008 hubby received the Transfer Notice of our case
Dec. 24, 2008 we both received the NOTICE OF ACTION 2 from USCIS ("APPROVED")
Dec. 29, 2008 Case Number from NVC
Jan. 8, 2009 received NVC email for DS 3032 Choice of Agent
Jan. 15, 2009 received NVC response of my Choice of Agent and waiting for DS 230 Fee Bill
March 2011 - spousal visa cancelled

I applied for a korean tourist visa on March 8, 2010 to join my husband in his work in South Korea. We want to live in Korea for a while before returning together to the USA.
March 20 2010 I arrived in South Korea with tourist visa and later on I changed my visa to F3
January 12, 2011 My husband and I flew back to Cebu for vacation

January 20, 2012 I'm back in South Korea with tourist visa and later on I changed my visa to F3

DCF for Spousal Visa in Seoul, South Korea
May 9, 2012 filed the I-130 in US Embassy , Seoul
May 18, 2012 Notice of Action Received and the Packet ...

visa process is hold , hold hold ... (busy some stuffs for living :D )

May 15, 2013 Medical Examination at St. Mary's Hospital , Yeuido , South Korea
June 27, 2013 My Interview and Finally Approved !
June 29, 2013 The visa delivered in our Apartment in Seoul :D
Sept 11, 2013 Arrived in USA

blossoms: C00710990

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